Jan Nelson

Jan is a senior program manager in the Partner & Customer Engagement team of the Operating Systems Group, serving as the Microsoft representative to the W3C i18n workgroup and partner in the W3C MultilingualWeb workgroup and program committees defining the charter and a number of successful workshops in collaboration with a broad set of folks from across industry, government and academic institutions as well as providing a multilingual frame for review of standards and best practices and reference implementations that enable multilingual access across the Web. He also defined World-Readiness standards and practices for Windows 8 and 8.1 as well as guiding partner teams to meet those criteria. Jan is a co-creator of the Multilingual App Toolkit and has presented at a number of conferences, notably: Microsoft \\Build 2012, 2013 and 2014 Microsoft MVP Summits 2012, 2013 Going Global with Mobile App Development: Enabling the Connected Enterprise Multilingual W3C Workshop, March 12-13 – Rome, Italy Bridging languages, cultures and technology MultilingualWeb W3C Workshop, Madrid, Spain Highlights, Holes and Hopes for the Multilingual Web Tekom 2012, Weisbaden, GALA Localization Forum Patents Issued: 4/05/2011 – Comment Processing 6/29/2010 – Extensible XML Format and Object Model for Localization Data 8/10/2010 – Method and System for Creating, Storing, Managing and Consuming Culture Specific Data 4/13/2010 – Localization Matching Component 1/26/2010 – Resource Authoring Incorporating Ontology 7/10/2012 – Resource Authoring With Re-Usability Score and Suggested Re-Usable Data 11/06/2012 – Creation and Management of Electronic Files for Localization Patents Pending: 9/14/2012 – Resource Tracker 7/31/2013 – Multilingual Build Integration for Compiled Applications 2/24/2012 – Integrated Application Localization 7/21/2006 – Reuse of Available Source Data and Localizations 4/21/2006 – User interface for Metadata Display 4/29/2005 – Authoring Implementing Application Localization Rules