Jesper Krogh

Jesper Krogh

Jesper is working as Architect within Microsoft based infrastructure with special focus upon Identity and Access management and Collaboration.

 Jesper has been working intensively with Active Directory since the early betas of the product, and has been involved in many large national and international designs and migration projects, furthermore Jesper managed to be certified as Microsoft Certified Master within Active Directory as well.

 During the work with Active directory Jesper has also been focusing upon other related technologies like AD FS, AD CS and AD RMS.

 Besides focus upon Active Directory, Jesper has also been involved in many Office 365 integration/migration projects – among other some of the largest in DK, where his role has been as the primary technical responsible.

 Jesper is often working as the "man-in-the-middle" between IT and Business, and focuses upon every aspect of the solution.

 Jesper is working at Globeteam, where he is currently involved in a BPOS-D to Office 365 migration project as well as Windows 2003 upgrades + AD migrations.

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