John Sheehan is a Partner Architect on the Windows team, where he drives the architecture of the Windows 8 Application Model. Before joining the Windows team, John was an Architect in the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft. As an STB architect, John was responsible for developing and evangelizing Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V). John joined Microsoft as part of the Softricity acquisition. At Softricity, he was Chief Architect. In that role, he was responsible for development of SoftGrid, the industry-leading application virtualization product focused on dynamic application delivery for Windows desktops and Terminal Services. Before joining Microsoft, John was an Architect at Xevo Corporation, where he led the development of the core application provisioning system. Prior to Xevo, John was CTO of ResumeCard, an ASP providing technology and services to the recruiting industry. John started his engineering career working in the automotive industry, where he built vision systems that automated inspection and integrity validation on automotive assembly lines.