Kristian Hellang

Kristian is an experienced full-stack developer who enjoys working with all kinds of technologies – from back-end databases to front-end user interface design. He has a deep understanding of object-oriented programming and is always concerned with best practices and principles. Over the last few years, Kristian has been involved in many different projects, spanning multiple domains and sectors.

Kristian cares deeply about his craft and never misses an opportunity to learn something new or enhance his existing skills – whether it is by reading blog posts, watching online courses, attending conferences and local user groups, or by working on one of his many spare-time projects. When he is not busy learning something new, he enjoys teaching and mentoring others. You can frequently find him answering questions on StackOverflow, writing blog posts, speaking at the local .NET user group, NNUG, or at the Norwegian Developers Conference.

He is a strong believer in Open Source Software and has contributed to over 50 open source projects in various languages and communities. Among these projects are some of the most popular .NET open source projects, like scriptcs, Nancy and Serilog, which he maintains on a daily basis.