Laura Butler

Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft. Persuading Steve Ballmer to wear an apron while serving cupcakes at your monthly meeting means you’re probably pretty awesome. Laura Butler’s more than that: she’s the most ‘all in’ person you will ever meet. Since rocking up to Microsoft as an intern on Word for Windows 1.0, she’s been rocking up and rocking out since: rocking up famous mountain peaks and rocking out a one-woman rendition of ‘Flashdance’ to increase team morale. Since interning she has worked on the user interface in Windows 95 and as the Director of Development for Windows Phone CXE. She also stashed a dangerous amount of cloud knowledge under her belt whilst onboard the OneDrive and SharePoint teams before returning to Windows. Laura’s not just clever, with no less than 10 patents to her name, but is an inspiring leader too. Stressful times call for pyjama parties where she won’t hesitate to get stuck in: rolling up the sleeves of her onesie - “if it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong”.