Marcello Benati

I ama SR Advanced Analytics Technical Product Manager with over 27 years experience across various verticals in the US and abroad. _x000D_ My focus is leveraging Advanced Analytics/Artificial Intelligence and combining lateral creative thinking methods to discover solutions and unleash new opportunities. _x000D_ At Microsoft I have launched the Advanced Analytics workload in SQL 2016 ( SQL R Services) and combined Open Source with Enterprise products such as Microsoft R for Linux, Hadoop/Spark and Terada . I also championed advanced analytics capabilities in Azure Virtual Machines and HDInsight and helped add Python to SQL 2017._x000D_ Prior to joining the Product Marketing Management, I was an SMS&P Data Platform SSP in the US Central Sub , managing 153 accounts in 3 States._x000D_ I love leading edge technology and have been working on blockchain technology projects for the past 4 years._x000D_ Prior to Microsoft I led successful consulting practices focusing on large scale Data Warehouse and Analytics projects for various clients in the Midwest Region and internationally ( With clients such as Nielsen, Redbox, Ely Lilly, Laidlaw, International Trucks, Sears, J&J, HSBC, Walmart, Bloomberg,Pfizer and others).