Mariano Converti

Mariano Converti is a Software Engineering and Lead Developer at Southworks, a software development company that provides consulting and development services for Fortune 50 companies around the world. Since joining the company in 2007, he has worked with many Microsoft divisions, such as the Patterns & Practices (P&P) group, Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) division, and Windows Azure Media Services (WAMS) team. Some of the projects he was involved in include the Web Client Software Factory, Smart Client Software Factory, Composite Guidance Automation for WPF and Silverlight, Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone, Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK Extensions, Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor (formerly Rough Cut Editor), and the Wndows Azure Media Services Asset Replicator. Mariano is an active contributor in the Microsoft development community and shares his knowledge via his blog, Twitter and GitHub accounts, answering questions in technical forums and presenting webcasts.