Matthew is one of the Principles, Chief Bottle washer and all around programming grunt of Red Jungle Ltd. While he could say he wrote his first program in 1972 on the IBM remote terminal at Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry during summer vacation (yes, during summer vacation he begged his parent's to let him take classes) He's only really been programming for fun and profit since 1993 (with an emphasis on Profit). In 2005 He and his partner of 20 years relocated from Santa Barbara, CA to New Zealand, where he is currently working for Red Jungle contributing his system architectural expertise. His first love was Visual Basic, but like most fickle lovers, he started playing around on the side with C# and now... well VB is still waiting for his phone calls. He architected, project managed, and lead programmed, a shrink wrap solution for a client that is currently being used worldwide by NASA and Chevron as well as other fortune 500 companies to improve internal HR safety and product quality.