Melanie Hohertz

Melanie is Cargill's strategic leader and change / communication expert in charge of adoption, engagement, measurement and value from company-wide online initiatives sponsored by Corporate Affairs. She serves as channel owner for Yammer and influences collaboration across other company platforms. Since launch in 2012, Cargill's Yammer network has attracted 24,500+ members from 65+ countries and maintained strong activity measures, including frequent "YamJams." In 2013, Melanie and Cargill were named as a Yammer Customer of the Month, and Melanie earned Yammer Community Manager certification. Melanie enjoys sharing Cargill's collaboration learnings and tools, with recent presentations at SharePoint 2014, Gartner Catalyst and Digital Workplace Group. Melanie is active on Microsoft’s O365 Yammer network, and co-admins the Yammer Bugs and Training Yammer groups.