Mihai Tătăran

Mihai is General Manager of Avaelgo, a software consulting and custom development company based in Romania, and an MVP on Windows Azure and Windows Azure Insider. Lately Mihai had an extensive experience with Windows Azure: completed solutions for different customers, and delivering the Microsoft DPE training on Azure for partners in Romania. One of those projects made it to a Case Study on Microsoft .com website, and his company Avaelgo was nominated as Cloud SME of the Month in Europe, may 2012.

Mihai has very good experience with large audiences at international conferences: DevReach in Bulgaria, Codecamp Macedonia, TechEd NA 2011 and 2012 BoF sessions; he organizes ITCamp http://itcamp.ro (a 2 days conference in Romania on MS technologies).

You can find Mihai: Twitter (mihai_tataran), Facebook (www.facebook.com/mihai.tataran), Blog (http://avaelgo.ro/avaelgoblog).