Pradeep Javangula

Pradeep Javangula is the Chief AI Officer for Symphony AI leading all the machine learning and AI technology efforts at the portfolio level. The core team is responsible for algorithmic innovations and production enablement in Enterprise software platforms across a wide variety of verticals inclusive of - Healthcare, Retail, CPG, Industrial Internet, IT infrastructure, Legal, Talent et al. Prior to SymphonyAI, he served as the VP of Engineering for the Adobe Experience Cloud business unit's personalization, data management, cloud platform and AI/ML solutions. Before Adobe, he was the Chief Technology Officer & founder of Tumri, a dynamic creative optimization platform in the advertising technology space. Adobe acquired Tumri. Having started his career at Sun Microsystems in the JavaSoft division, Pradeep went on to start his first company - iLeverage, an innovative e-commerce personalization company acquired by e.Piphany. After that, he spent more than a decade building search engines - first at Inktomi and then at Verity. He holds a dual degree from BITS Pilani in India, with Mathematics & Engineering. Following which, he did graduate research in Algebraic Number Theory at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.