Ramon Soto Mathiesen

I am Ramón Soto Mathiesen, a passionate software developer, with a degree in computer science, that advocates for correctness, code-quality and high-standards but always with the customer in focus.

At the moment I work with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform as a Managing Specialist @ Delegate A/S where I among other things, contributed to start a whole new CRM department from scratch. Recently I got promoted as the CTO of the CRM department where I am responsible for the department's technical vision and solutions, as well as the implementation of these visions and solutions to our customer projects. This is achieved through a variety of tools: XrmFramework, DAXIF#, ƒ(x)RM, ... which under my leadership are maintained and expanded with new and robust applications that provide a competitive advantage over other CRM Partners and ultimately ensures a saving of unnecessary manual tasks as reflected in a lower price for our customers. Our ultimate goal is that our customers get the best possible return on investment.

Blog: http://blog.stermon.com/about/