Ravi Krishnaswamy

Ravi Krishnaswamy has two decades of experience in building highly scalable, reliable, managed enterprise platforms. Ravi is a 15 year Microsoft veteran, who joined the BizTalk development team in summer of 2012. Since then, Ravi has been leading the team in building a robust integration vision and strategy, spanning across on-premise and cloud, and in executing on a solid roadmap of deliverables. Before joining BizTalk, he was leading the .NET .Core Framework - Common Language Runtime development team. Ravi has his footprints all over the .NET platform’s strategic evolution, and in driving several of the .NET release trains, dating back to the time it was called COM+ 2.0 in the '90s. Most recently, Ravi was responsible for shipping .NET Framework 4.5 in Windows 8 and in Visual Studio 11, as well as for enabling Windows Phone 8 platform with .NET core framework. Before joining Microsoft, Ravi started up a company in the mid-'90s, providing mobile platform for enterprise network management solutions. Ravi holds a M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. Ravi is at present residing in India along with his family. After having worked in the USA for close to two decades, he is very much looking forward to rekindling family ties and getting acquainted to the Indian way of life, again.