Sam Wanjohi

Sam Wanjohi notably solely founded Foresight Interiors in 2007 which became one of the leading fitted kitchen manufactures in Kenya. Along the journey, like many business owners he became a prisoner in his own business. He had to constantly be present because if he wasn’t monitoring payments, checking pricing, signing cheques, reconciling petty cash and so on, he would be subjected to theft, inflated invoices, delayed payments, erroneous expense accounting and generally loose control of the business. In 2013 he began designing a solution that would allow himself and all other business owners to get their lives back by eliminating payment and accounting headaches. Today we have Popote payments, a solution that is enabling businesses go totally digital on all their payments with the benefit of automatic expense accounting. Popote Payments is ‘mobile money for SME’s’. It allows all payment transactions, small or large to be done digitally with the benefit of multi-level approval, instant delivery and automated expense accounting, enabling businesses run better and freeing their owners and managers to do more with their time. The result is better run businesses and better quality of life for their owners and managers alike.