Sonia Dara

Sonia Dara is a Product & Audience Marketing Manager on Microsoft Surface. Her current role is to focus on winning Surface share with key audiences. Before joining Microsoft, Sonia studied Economics at Harvard University. She joined the company immediately after graduation in 2013 and jumped into a consumer and tech enthusiast events team for OneDrive,, and Internet Explorer.  After a year, she moved to the integrated marketing team where she was responsible for digital marketing campaign planning and strategy for Bing and browsers (Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer). She helped lead the v-team responsible for the launch of Microsoft Edge, overseeing the entire creative platform and marketing channels. In 2016, Sonia switched to the Surface marketing team and oversaw the 3rd party accessories licensing and partnership program called 'Designed for Surface'. Aside from her desk jobs, Sonia has been part of the correspondent team for Microsoft's company-wide //oneweek broadcasts as well as a few of Satya Nadella's (Microsoft CEO) monthly town halls.