Tarek Madkour is Group Program Manager for the Visual Studio IDE team at Microsoft. Tarek’s team is responsible for delivering the Visual Studio UI including editing and project handling as well as the command-line tools used for building applications. Prior to this, Tarek was the Group Program Manager for the Visual C++ team at Microsoft responsible for delivering the compilers, libraries, runtimes and IDE that enable developers to create great native applications on the Microsoft platforms. Tarek is a tool maker by passion and trade. Ever since joining Microsoft a little over a decade ago, he spent all his time working on the various aspects of development tools. Prior to Microsoft, Tarek was a software developer and manager working on several system-level technologies. Outside work, Tarek spends his time being a kid again with his three little kids and creating chaos with his "home improvement" projects. When he gives up, you can find him on a sunny beach somewhere.