The Evolution of the C# Programming Language

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Over the last ten years, the C# language has grown out to become the most popular language on the .NET platform, riding the waves of various industry trends. Come and hear about the design philosophy of the language, and how each release has addressed typical programmer concerns using tasteful language feature design, while maintaining a high bar for backward compatibility. In this session, we start our journey by reflecting back at the original design intents of C# and .NET, focusing on object-oriented principles, type safety, etc. Next, we take a rollercoaster ride through the enhancements made to the language, touching base with various programmer challenges the language helps to alleviate, ranging from strongly typed collection types using generics, over bridging the gap between code and data with LINQ and functional programming constructs, on to interoperability with weakly typed data models like JSON and dynamically typed languages like Python. Finally, we have a sneak peak at what the next version of C# has to offer, relieving the pain of writing asynchronous code.

Speaker : Bart De Smet





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