Machine Learning and Data Science: Data Into Intelligent Action

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Data Scientists live and breathe data. We choose the best tools for that task from a vast array of ever changing tools. We turn data into information, information into discovered knowledge, and through wisdom the discovered knowledge is turned into intelligent action. Our tool suites include many open source software products. In this session we will review the foundations for today's Data Scientist's skill set, introducing the concepts behind machine learning, data mining, analytics and data science and the open source tool suite that has served us well over the past two decades. We will demonstrate today's Data Scientist's platform for bringing together data, tools, and visualizations, offering a managed end-to-end solution for production delivery. A key component is the incorporation of the most widely used data science toolkits available today: the open source R Statistical Software Package. We show how we can now share the power of R through the Cortana Intelligence Suite encompassing SQL Server 2016 R Services and Azure Machine Learning to empower developers to build and customize tomorrow's intelligent applications today. 





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