Dawn of a New Era: An Open Source .NET

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Azure VMs love Linux, Microsoft using GitHub for samples and code drops, first-class Java support in Azure Websites – the natural culmination of this trend is the move towards an open-source Microsoft. The .NET Framework is now open source, with the CLR to follow along and a cross-platform reference implementation for Linux and OS X to show up during the year.

And it's not the kind of open source where the project lead drops a 200 KLOC release twice a year. It's the kind of open source where design is in the open, contributions from the public are accepted as PRs, issues are discussed on GitHub, and live commits from the product group light up multiple times a day. In this session we'll talk about the future of .NET in this new era, what it means for the core stack on the server and desktop, and how it's going to affect our .NET applications. We will also see how to build, test, and run our own version of the .NET Framework and CLR and how to make changes to components previously treated as a black box



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