I am a .NET Developer but I have an IPhone and an Android

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Are you a .NET developer looking to build Android and IOs application? Looking how to leverage your years of expertise in .NET technologies? This session will explore the frameworks, tools and techniques that will allow you to build .NET applications for Android and IOS devices. As part of the session, we will deep dive into the capabilities of the MonoTouch and Mono for Android frameworks that will give you a clear picture of how to start using those frameworks as part of your applications. Additionally, we will explore the rapidly growing segment of mobile web frameworks that provide a great alternative to native applications.







The Discussion

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    Vincent van der Laan

    Kunnen jullie aangeven of deze sessie nog online komt? Dit aangezien jullie in de TechNet mailing zeggen dat alle sessies nu online zijn maar ik deze hier niet zie.

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    is the video for this session coming?

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    Deze sessie was op de een of andere manier niet doorgegaan. Ik hoop nog wel op een video van deze sessie op een ander event.

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