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ASP.NET MVC 4 is a significant release shipping later this year that brings with it some exciting new capabilities. Learn about the new Web API support it enables, great new features for building mobile and HTML5 applications, async language integration, web sockets, and more.









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The Discussion

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    Thanks Scott!  Good to hear your still working the ASP.NET team!  Uploaded your MVC 4 video to my TV for some Sunday lunch time TV viewing, great stuff!

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    The Gu-man Stikes again!! kAbOOm!!

    Awesome presentation

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    I am so happy to see that a bug reported to MS that they have closed as "can't duplicate" happened to Scott Gu on stage in front of thousands of people and is recorded and posted here on Channel 9.

    OH, actually they changed it to resolved... in VS 11. Wait what?! This bug is a major productivity issue.

    Please, someone that cares about the quality of VS 2010 get this back ported and released as a hot fix or patch. I can deal with VS being slow and hanging for seconds every now and then... but stopping to respond to the keyboard and mouse clicks is not acceptable.


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    where Phil Haack ?

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    My company has desperate need for a lot of these features, but no one here was able to install the MVC 4 Beta successfully. All of us got errors, and one of us even had to reinstall windows, because it hosed VS2010 SP1, and he was unable to uninstall or reinstall SP1.

    The MVC 4 Beta installer needs a LOT of work.

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    A really cool session and a lot of really great new features coming out.

    As for the bug he had, that's a shame, but it's very understandable. To me Visual Studio (and the whole .NET-project) is just amazing. Looking back at all the other tools I used to use, I'm really feeling bad for the old me. This bug is a minor hick up (and should be fixed!), but looking at the tools they're building I can only say: respect!


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    I am reported that disable css autocomplete did not worked as HTML autocomplete in VS. You can't use it after disabling for css CTRL+ space worked for html but not for css.

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    Regarding the bundling / minification.. How does it know what order the css files should be bundled in?

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    I read it was alphabetical but customizable.

    See "Ordering of Files within a Bundle"

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    The bundling is nice, but I personally like the way Cassette handles it better. It allows the scripts and CSS to stay separate in a debug build for easier debugging, then bundles on a release build.

    Also, I get that same bug that Scott ran into at least a few times a week. Very annoying!

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    Nice features, but will they available in web forms?

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    Thats scott Great presentation.

    Please try to give a similar presentation on ODATA and its future



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    It's nice to see that Scott Gu has to suffer the same VS bugs I do  Smiley

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    @Omu: Phill is working for Github now Big Smile

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    Cool features... I like the API implementation and the minification/bundling

    Getting rid of YUICompressor right away Wink

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    This was amazing.  Nice work Scott Gu!

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    For those looking for Phil, yah, he left for Github. For those looking for Phil's replacement, it's me (as of less than a week ago). Smiley

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    I've been trying to watch this video for keeps doing nothing :(. I can't even seem to download it. Is the hosting for the video not working correctly, or is it my connection?

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    Scott, I have the same problem with the delete key (and other keys) not functioning sometimes. I haven't quite figured out the source, but I can tell you that if you start debugging, then stop the project right away, it goes back to functioning correctly.

    Not exactly a fix, but maybe it will save you a few minutes next time you are presenting Smiley.

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    Great demo... thanks Scott.

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    The minification/bundling looks great! Since MS finally cares about the size of HTTP requests, does that mean the default formatting settings for HTML code will use tab characters in VS11? Will the HTML templates for new cshtml/aspx/ascx/master files use tab characters instead of four spaces? 400% inefficiency = fail, even on a small scale.

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    Sam Waterhouse

    This video is to jerky to be watchable, by jerky i mean the video jumps to other sections and back again, so its not a band width issue.
    this is on windows xp sp 3 in either chrome or ie8

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    great new features.

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    Awesome presentation. Exciting features. Thanks very much Scott. The best as you are.

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    @Efficiency:No, spaces are still the default. If you care, you can of course, change it to tabs. If you REALLY care, you could always write a module to remove ALL whitespace from your markup as well on the way out. Wink

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    elior cohen

    Great presentation!

    gooing to play with the new features.

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    Ed DeGagne

    Like a lot of the new features, well done and can't wait for the production release.

    As far as the bundling and minification? Great idea, but too little, too late. The CombresMvc package is, IMO, way better.

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    Any idea when would the final version of MVC 4 be released?

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    video is not playing. can someone look into it.

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    Hatef Ghani

    Thank you very much Scott .

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    Deepika A

    Very good presentation scott

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    Awesome presentation !!

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