81 features of Windows 8.1 in 81 minutes

Play 81 features of Windows 8.1 in 81 minutes
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Windows 8.1 offers a lot of updates and new features to the Windows Operating System. Come and experience how Microsoft Windows Expert IT-Pro and Microsoft STEP Program Member Peter De Tender walks you through 81 updated/new features. While this might sound like a challenge already, the session will be spiced up with key feature demos. And how this get squeezed in only 75min session? That's the surprising part!! Key features like Start Screen updates, Start Button settings, auto-triggered VPN and many more will be shown in a live demo.







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The Discussion

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    Peter De Tender

    Hey viewers of my session... during all the excitement on Sideloading changes licensing in Windows 8.1 as of May 1st, I made some mistakes during my explanation. The investment one had to do before the changes was $3000 USD, not $300 USD.

    I hope this makes it more clear; let me know if you have other questions about topics I talked about.

    /Grtz, Peter

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    Maybe you can cut out the part where the VPN's connection is not working. I'm waiting for 10 min. now and it's still not working.

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