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    Wow what an information packed speech. The mystery of async and await is finally starting to unravel for me. Thank you very much. Although reveiling the menu kinda left me graving for more.

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    Wow - gr8 speech and very nice explanation. I don't think there will be better explanation w.r.t state machine else where :). Btw, i would have liked if error handling/exception handling covered a bit - probably am greedy! I have enjoyed watching the video.


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    Super session, I've been playing recently with async/await and got really important points to take care of when writing libraries and what could and why go wrong when used in different application.


    Akhilesh Nirapure

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    Eric Mutta

    7 years later and this is still THE best explanation of async/await internals that I could find. Awesome video Bart, hope to find more like it!

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