Event processing at all scales with Reactive Extensions

Play Event processing at all scales with Reactive Extensions

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    The Rx work you guys are doing is truly fascinating. Every time Bart presents on this topics I always find it mind blowing and inspiring at the same time.

    For most of my career, I've been building server side solutions with very little to no UI. Most of the Rx demos I see seem to apply perfectly to UI scenarios. I personally have trouble thinking of how I could expose events and leverage Rx in my server side work.

    I'm guessing everything from data access, parsing, service call etc.. could all be modeled with IObservables in some way. It would be great if there were some Best Practices or Reactive Patterns type of document that should hows to backend and ui layer patterns.

    Awesome presentation!!

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    Bart rocks.

    @scyonx, If you are looking for some help on Current Best practices in the industry when using Rx, look over to ReativeTrader from the crew at Adaptive. There will be more in the way of blogs from them soon too. If you want anything more specific, I imagine you could just get in contact with them


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