Game and Simulator Physics for Developers, Gamers and Petrol Heads

Play Game and Simulator Physics for Developers, Gamers and Petrol Heads
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This entertaining and demo intensive session will lift the lid on the black art of physics simulation in computer games. The sample scenario will be the re-writing and testing of the physics engine in a sample 3D driving game. Starting with the basics of force, mass and acceleration the simulation will be gradually enhanced to include lateral and vertical g-force, tire slip, down-force and collision detection. The addition of a drag reduction system (DRS) and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) will round off the demo, and add a strategic element to the game. The techniques demonstrated can easily be applied to 2D and 3D games on any technology to improve the responsiveness, feel and overall playability of the game. The trade-off between the purity of the simulation and the all-out fun of arcade style games will be discussed and demonstrated, along with plenty of tips for developing, testing and fine-tuning the physics model. Whether you are learning to develop 3D games in Unity, MonoGame or another technology, interested in learning more about what makes gaming physics simulations tick, or just want to kick back and see how much fun you can have with C#, this session will have something for you.







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