Optimizing Windows Store apps for varying form factors, resolutions and viewstates

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The introduction of Windows 8 brought a big advantage to Windows app developers, every app will be able to run on a huge variety of form factors and devices. With the update to Windows 8.1 new viewstates brought even responsive design to the table. How do you ensure that your app works great on every device and in every viewstate? Does it look good on a 30" all-in-one and a 10" tablet? Does it interact well with touch, but also with mouse/keyboard? This session covers the required techniques and considerations when optimizing your app for various form factors, based on real-world experience with the Booking.com and NOS app. Think about scaling, do you present bigger content, more content or just center it? How to handle a small but high-res screen? And how to handle keyboard input in an app that was built for touch?







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