Closing keynote - Resetting Your Defaults: IT Innovation in the Modern World

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Cloud computing, devops, open source: all three are changing our world. How must you change to exploit these advances? What's required now to have a great career as a developer? And how can you successfully innovate in a modern technology environment? In this closing keynote, David Chappell provides a perspective on these questions, focusing on what you and the organization you're part of need to do to succeed with today's technology.





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The Discussion

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    Very interesting topic. Shared it with our developers.

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    David is one of the greatest IT Evangelists of our time

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    Though I anticipated mentioning by David containers and container cluster management issues. No single word about that...

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    Great video well worth a watch...David is great at not only projecting how this space will evolve but also providing some great insightful angles on why....

    If you are a Dev you should watch equally a CIO or CFO insightful and interesting!

    PS: If you are time pressured wind the speed up you worth capturing 75% than nothing :)

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