Explore IOT Scenarios from the field and their reference architectures

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This session will explore the customer stories and reference architectures some of the common IOT scenarios that we have seen working with customers in the field. As customers tell us about what they want to accomplish, we are seeing a set of reoccurring scenarios such as Smart Building, Connected Devices, Smart Healthcare and other scenarios. Microsoft's IOT solutions are now in their fourth generation with IOT Suite so while the customer stories are the same the reference architectures are evolving. This session will highlight the most common IOT scenarios and show specific customer case studies, stories and the reference architectures that proposed. We will also compare the generation of reference architectures and how they have evolved to what we see today. From this session, you will have some ideas of customer stories that make up the common IOT scenarios. You will come away with an understanding of how the reference architectures have evolved and what reference architectures are being proposed for these IOT scenarios.


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