From Chatbot to Robot and back again. With cheese.

Play From Chatbot to Robot and back again. With cheese.
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People now expect computers to work the way they do. They expect to be using natural language interfaces that understand and act on exactly the same commands that they would use to talk to another person. In other words, they want to order their cheese by just asking for it. In this session I'll create a system that lets you do just that. I'll use the Microsoft Bot Framework to build a conversational system that you can ask to get you your cheese. And then we'll explore how to connect that to a robot delivery system that will actually give you the cheese you want. There'll be demos galore and such is my confidence in the system working correctly that we will actually use real cheese, not stunt cheese. And it all turns out to be a great way to explore how to create a useful chatbot and then connect it to an existing backend.





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