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In the past back-end developers have frowned upon front-end web development, but with the introduction of proper programming languages, build tools and frameworks, front-end development has grown up. In this talk we want to introduce you to my favourite front-end development stack: AngularJS, Typescript and Gulp. AngularJS is been around for a while now, and is a great framework and gives you a clear structure, separation of concerns, templating engine and much more. JavaScript, you either love it or hate it, I know for developers who are used to java or C# it is probably the latter. Would it not be nice if we could use classes, interfaces, type safety, object inheritance, and I can go on.. Typescript gives you all that and much more. Ok, so now you have your code nicely written in typescript modules and classes, organized in angular views controllers and services. But how do you prevent the browser from loading 30+ JavaScript files? And would it not be nice if you could debug your typescript code in the browser, compile typescript whenever there is a change, and do you really want to run the same code in development as in production? This is where Gulp comes in handy to fully automate your build process.





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