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With GitHub software development teams also have access to powerful integrations to help them to improve the development process of their product.
But, the Writing of the code itself still requires the right skills, tools and mindset. In this session Rob will show that you can write better code by consistently applying 10 guidelines as described in the O'Reilly book Building Maintainable Software. The BetterCodeHub.com benchmarks your teams code against the 10 guidelines after each commit. You can spend your precious development time on the right group of refactoring candidates, thus improving what really matters. For agile teams this way of working gives a Definition of Done for product quality.
Rob will show real life examples from open source repo's and how to improve the product quality. After this session you will understand how the BetterCode program works and how its elements are designed to help your team to create future-proof code. Stop fighting violations, start building BetterCode on GitHub!





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