How Docker and ASP.Net Core will change the life of a Microsoft Developer

Play How Docker and ASP.Net Core will change the life of a Microsoft Developer
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Times are changing! Using ASP.NET, SQL and HTML running on a Windows machine is not the only solution anymore. The application stack is shifting to ASP.NET Core, a cross-platform .NET Solution that runs on Macs, Linux and Windows.

On the platform side of things we are moving from full operating systems and Virtual Machines to container-based platforms. In a world where companies want to change to Continuous Delivery and DevOps, the combination of these technologies is a strong one. The ability to move seamlessly to production, run your website on every platform and to have integrated pipelines is a pre-condition for a winning IT solution and being a differentiator in the market. In this talk Alex and Rene will introduce you to ASP.NET Core, containers and Docker.  They will show you how the combination of ASP.NET Core and Containers will radically change software architecture and how this combination will fit into the software factory by leveraging their power in both developer workflow as in the release pipeline.






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