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Microsoft Regional Directors are independent technology enthusiasts (sometimes from our partner community) who engage in dealing with and evangelising one or more of Microsoft technologies in a particular region.  Regional Directors are not paid by Microsoft they have chosen to engage with CXO level individuals to talk about our technology.   RDs have a strong technical background but their conversations follow that of a CTO with a focus on business benefits and not the nut and bolts of a solution.

The UK Microsoft RDs will be talking about the skills needed in the new world of technology.  As employers themselves, they are continually looking for new and exciting recruits to join their businesses and as part of their discussion, they will share the challenges they face, along with a wealth of opportunities.  








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The Discussion

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    Simon Borkom

    You can go and train tens of thousands of people for a few years to know what the state of the technology art is - but what no one is willing to talk about is that within a decade the majority of that knowledge will be outdated and irrelevant and most of those that received training will just be as unemployable as they were before they got into the industry.

    A career in technology is an ongoing Sisyphean labour. Even if you're learning something new every day, something you've already learned is becoming irrelevant just as fast. It's a dirty secret that technology is an endless treadmill of learning where, if you take the foot off the accelerator for just a moment you'll be thrown off onto the scrapheap.

    Rather than funnel kids/apprentices into a field where the training provided to them at great expense becomes useless (unless they continue to constantly retrain at great expense until they retire), perhaps it's time that governments see the writing on the wall and train people for careers where the training will provide some sort of lasting benefit throughout the entirety of that person's career.

    If we were providing similar training funds for almost any other career, we'd end up with people being trained for jobs that would keep them gainfully employed for longer, if not a lifetime.

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