Simplifying IoT Hub device-to-device communication with Azure Functions

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Azure IoT Hub and IoT Suite enables streamlined device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication.

Moving data up to the cloud and vice-versa via IoT Hub, Azure Stream Analytics, and various data management structures is well-documented and straightforward. However, in some cases the IoT Hub is just a facilitator between two devices re-routing incoming message to the destination device. Imagine a simple scenario of Raspberry Pi connected to your garage door. Sending a command to RPi from a phone should only requires relaying capability, and should require minimal amount of cloud programming as there is no data processing.

In this session, I will show how to implement a device-to-device communication by using Azure Function implemented with few lines of code.

Speaker: Bhakthi Liyanage





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The Discussion

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    Marcos Felipe

    Where is the code that you used on this video?

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    Elyo Mtz

    Marcos, i've found this website very useful:

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