Application Insights and HockeyApp for Application Monitoring

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The Build-Measure-Learn loop is at the core of DevOps, but unfortunately whatever comes after Build is often overlooked.  Here come HockeyApp and Application Insights – two application monitoring solutions for Apps and services, which are going to provide the amount of information we require in an integrated and effortless way.  HockeyApp comes from a Microsoft acquisition, and it is already on the frontline. After the //build conference they announced the team is due to be merged with the Xamarin Insights' one, creating a new application monitoring solution for device apps with no rivals in the market.  Application Insights was a tool created by the Visual Studio Team Services team, then moved to Azure and completely rewritten. It provides a fantastic experience for web apps and services, fully integrated with the ALM and DevOps platform and available via Azure.  In order to deliver a successful product a good users' involvement is essentials, it is more important by the day. Let's see how these two technologies can help improving our applications and our services, by getting insights from their usage patterns and our code performance.





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