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With the recent acquisition of Xamarin by Microsoft. I will be looking at what Xamarin is and why you will want to use it to leverage your dev teams c# write cross platform apps for not only Windows devices but Android and iOs as well. I will be passing on the experience I have gained from leading the team at appXib where we have developed many sophisticated business apps in Xamarin.  Since the acquisition of Xamarin by Microsoft Scott Guthrie made a lot of announcements at Build and I will recap these – particularly some of the exciting announcements around cost.  This is a DevOps day so I will be looking at the full developer lifestyle through Develop, Test, Build, Deploy and monitor.   I will have recently returned from Xamarin's Evolve event where there have been some fantastic announcements which will really enhance this DevOps experience and some enhancements which may make you rethink how you approach certain aspects.  From prototyping and architecting Xamarin's new Workbooks, developing Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio integration, User Interface testing with TestCloud through deployment and analysis   with Hockeyapp all continuously integrated in VSTS this session will overview them all and hopefully, if the demo gods are kind, I will show it working as well.





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