Developing Service Oriented Workflows

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Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) fits nicely into service-oriented applications for designing the workflows that implement the business processes a service exposes. This session covers how to expose workflows as services, both as encapsulated implementations of portions of service processing, by exposing a workflow as a service itself, or by using workflows to orchestrate the calls between other workflows. It also covers how to call out services from within a workflow and coordinate the results of those service calls with the rest of the workflow processing. Learn how to integrate workflow processing logic with other service processing logic through the host communications model of WF, as well as how to use the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 WF Send and Receive activities and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) context bindings to achieve a seamless integration of WF and WCF. This session also shows you how to use the .NET Services workflow activities to connect to cloud services and have cloud clients and services connect to your workflows, as well as a quick peek at how to run your workflows in the clouds through Microsoft Azure services.



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