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When looking for an increase in productivity, many look towards productivity gurus for the answer. Across the board, most focus on effectively managing your workload - and not on actually doing the work in a more productive way. In this Tech Talk we will discuss the "Productivity Myth" and how most users can be 10, 20, 30, even 50% more productive simply by using the tools they already have in Office System - if only they knew they were there. For example, we will discuss a feature that has been in Word since 1992 that will make almost every user more productive almost every time they use Word. The same feature that hardly anyone knows about, despite it being very prominent in the user interface since Word 2.0 (17 years ago!). Viewers will walk away with an understanding of some of the lessor known features of Office which have the potential to substantially increase the productivity of both themselves, and their colleagues







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