Desktop Virtualization: You Have a Choice

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Companies today face many challenges and have certain priorities they must address. With Microsoft Virtualization you can address these challenges and concerns with the essential capabilities Microsoft delivers through the products they already own. When you couple Microsoft Virtualization solutions with Integrated Management to bring it all together you now have the visibility into your environment, while increasing your capability to respond to the ever-changing business requirements. Learn how Microsoft Desktop Virtualization can help companies with their Access, Data Security, and Compliance concerns while also providing Anywhere Access for their Users. Learn about the Breadth of the Solutions Microsoft Provides on the Desktop from User State Virtualization, to Application Virtualization and OS Virtualization. See how RemoteFX enhances your VDI and Session Virtualization experience. See how App-V 4.6 helps all of your users address application to application compatibility issues. See how User State Virtualization helps with protecting against the loss or theft of your users’ PCs. This vision of Virtualization shows that Microsoft has the capabilities you need today with a path to the future...







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