Total Workstation Lockdown: Your Action Plan

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Total workstation lockdown isn't for every machine in your organization. But some machines require it. It's usually those "public walk up" machines that we need to manage a little bit differently. The kinds of machines that are in the cafeterias, the lobby machines and library machines. The more we think about it, these kinds of machines are everywhere in our organization -- inviting attack and ruining our day. Who knows what crazy things people are doing ON these machines -- visiting strange web sites and installing evil software. The good news is that Microsoft has a slew of solutions to help you with this very specific problem. And, it doesn't mean you need to turn the thumbscrews and go from 0 - 100% lockdown either. Microsoft has a variety of technologies you can choose (and mix and match) to make your workstations as locked down as they need to be. In this session, Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz will demonstrate a myriad of ways to make your public desktops more secure. If your team is already using Group Policy, come learn about Starter GPOs, the Security Compliance Manager, how to lock out hardware with Group Policy and the GP Preferences, how to efficiently use loopback processing and more. Learn about additional Microsoft and some non-Microsoft tools to help enhance your control of this notoriously difficult situation...
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For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

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