What's New in Visual Studio 2012

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The Discussion

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    The download is not resumable!

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    Evangelos Mourmourakis

    Adam's sessions are usually informative and very entertaining. This one was no exception.

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    Adam's sessions are amazing..!!!
    very informative !!!

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    Adam had this session at TechEd New Zealand as well and I still can't believe I had to stand outside the room, because there was no space left. I haven't seen something like that before Smiley

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    I wasn't able to attend Tech-Ed so it was great to be able to view this on-line  After using VS2012 for a while now I have to admit I do like the default colour scheme Smiley

    The way adding references is handled is far better than previous versions, and 'Search Everywhere' is pretty cool, just have to remember to use it.

    And Anthony van der Hoorn (from the Glimpse team) being in the audience was fortuitous, definitely added to the session, plus was a good promo for such must-have developer tool. 

    Also the ATO worker on VS2003 made me smile Smiley

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