Working with devices; integrating into peripherals for Windows 8

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App development is fun. We build compelling experiences that allow people to achieve more, have fun, and stay engaged. To date however many of the apps we build have been confined to the screen in front of you, and the cloud. So how could we make our apps even more fun, and achieving more? Simple; leverage the devices that are around us, our internet of things, and bring them back in to our app. With the latest changes to WinRT we now have comprehensive support for Bluetooth, proximity, USB, NFC, sockets, and a whole lot of integration technologies that allow us to connect to the devices around us and use them in the immersive experiences we are creating. This session will deep dive into working with these technologies, and practically assess how we can talk to our Smart TV, the watch on our wrist; and maybe just for fun the drone flying above us.





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    Hi Lewis!
    I am just following your demo about Robot Arm. Can you please tell me which USB controller are you using? I have one which is here: But It doesn't seems to be working. The system recognises it as a ELAN USB Device, not as WinUDB device. Thanks

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