Using AngularJS in an ASP.Net Application

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AngularJS is a relatively new framework that provides features such as two-way databinding and templating. Many other frameworks such us KnockoutJS and EmberJS also provide this but AngularJS does things a little differently. In addition, you get a well structured way of implementing Model-View-Controller type separation into your Javascript, complete with dependency injection from the outset, assisting to make your javascript code fully testable. It may seem daunting at first, but this framework is powerful, compact and has plenty to offer. This session will show you how to get started with AngularJS and provide a broad view of many of the features and concepts that make this library ever increasing in popularity. We will also look at how jQuery can be used in addition to AngularJS and also how you don't have to use it at all._x000D_





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    Finally the media ready. Thank

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    Great video. Congrats.

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    I really enjoyed the session and walking through the demo project.  Great into to AngularJS in Visual Studio.

    I am personally looking forward to seeing how Angular will apply to our ASP.NET MVC project where a lot of dynamic content is loaded onto the page from the server.  We currently use jQuery for this and perform a lot of event registration once components are loaded into the DOM.  It would ease my mind to see a video or code examples of performing similar actions with AngularJS without all of the hassle of worrying about duplicate event registrations and piles of code (which sometimes needs to be hunted down) which are difficult to maintain.

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    Is the source code for this presentation available somewhere?

    I found the links in the presentation.  How clever is that?

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    The video isn't showed, there is an error)).

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    Srinivas Korvi

    Good one to start up! :) Very good event. Nice One.

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