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Microsoft Azure DB is a purpose built JSON document database that is ideal for use in developing the next generation of modern web and mobile applications. DocumentDB provides the scale and performance of benefits of a NoSQL database but without forcing developers to take a productivity hit at design time in order to use it. In this session we'll deep dive into the capabilities that set DocumentDB apart from RDBMS stores as well its NoSQL brethren. We'll look at how DocumentDB finally delivers on the schema-free promise of NoSQL with whole document indexing and a range of language integrated query mechanisms. We'll look at how DocumentDB provides the sort of data tier programmability that developers take for granted in relational stores but which, to date, has always been a little undercooked in NoSQL land. Finally we'll examine how to get the best performance out of DocumentDB by tuning the consistency level to your application requirements and tweaking your index and query strategies where required. If you're building web and mobile apps on Microsoft Azure then this session will help you to evaluate how DocumentDB can get those apps built faster, scaling better and running more cost effectively than other data storage approaches.

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