To BLOB or Not to BLOB? Storage Optimisation Demystified

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SharePoint and SQL Server offer several methods with which you can externalise the BLOBs—the files that are stored in libraries and as attachments—to reduce the size of your content databases. BLOB externalisation offers benefits beyond reduced storage cost—benefits that may surprise you! But there's a lot of hype and misunderstanding about BLOB externalisation, which is neither a silver bullet nor evil incarnate. Join SharePoint MVP Dan Holme for a balanced, intelligent, detailed examination of the technologies and issues surrounding BLOB externalisation. Dive deep into the performance impact, scalability implications, and critical considerations for backup and restore, high availability, and disaster recovery. To BLOB or not to BLOB? There are no easy answers, but after this session you will have what it takes to maximize the potential of BLOB externalisation in your storage architecture.







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