Gamification: Swapping the old worn dentures for real bite

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Do your customers love your application? Not just accept, survive or struggle with your application but actively seek out and enjoy using your application every chance they get? Do they chat excitedly with their friends about using your application? How about posting YouTube videos about their latest discovery of a feature in your app? Are they likely to queue for hours in eager anticipation of receiving the next version? Not so much? A lot of games enjoy this level of customer engagement. Why doesn’t your app? Tired of trying to comfort yourself with weak excuses about how games “by definition” are always going to be more enjoyable to use than your app? Join Luke Drumm, Senior Consultant for Readify, as he peeks under the covers of what makes games tick and how a lot of “serious business” is now learning how to make applications that are just as engaging and enjoyable as any game. Gamification: If banks, hospitals and even government agencies are able to do it, why can’t you?









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