An MMO in 45 Minutes: Developing for 2 screens and a cloud

Play An MMO in 45 Minutes: Developing for 2 screens and a cloud
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You want to produce software that is far reaching, compelling, scalable, on time and within budget? Don’t we all! So join our intrepid band of enthusiastic explorers; armed with an array of Microsoft’s latest technologies and a desire to make the “next big thing” as they show you how to build a consumer application for web, desktop and mobile users in 45 minutes! Interested in team development, cloud architecture and design, handling scale, kick-ass front-end or zen-like back end development? it’s all here. So whether you’re into gaming or not, this is a chance to see how technologies such as Azure, TFS, IE 9, XNA, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 can put you on course for delivering above par experiences for your customers with less time, effort and risk than ever before. Avert your eyes, children! There may be blood as Aaron Powell (Internet Explorer Development MVP), Steven Nagy (Azure MVP), Luke Drumm (XNA MVP) and Richard Banks (Visual Studio ALM MVP) take you on a crazy ride of rapid development, spinning blades, great tips, bad jokes and a just a wee bit of lunacy. Who knows? You may just learn something as well!









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