Administrator's Idol: Windows and Active Directory Best Practices

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Active Directory and all that you can do with it has come a long way in the last ten years. Unfortunately, many organizations rolled out Active Directory early on and never had the time or resources to revisit what *really* needs to be done to secure and manage the directory service in a dynamic enterprise. Are you really using everything that is in there to get the best bang for your buck? Learn how to make your life easier with things like the Active Directory RecycleBin to save you from those “oops” moments we’ve all encountered. Explore how the improved management interfaces including PowerShell support will make administration less time consuming and more automated. Implement multiple password policies and enhanced Group Policies to keep the security group and user community in harmony. On top of all that, architectural changes like Read Only Domain Controllers, Server Core implementations and Offline Domain Join capabilities can make you a hero, keep your organization more secure and save you time – it just gets better...









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