Finding the “Make It Faster!” Button and hitting it!

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The Discussion

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    Sean Keelan

    Excellent session - never new how easy it is to use perfmon. Need to get a copy of that flow!!

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    This was a great session, I was one of the people that have used perfmon but never really had an accurate idea of where the thresholds should sit etc. Anyone know where we can download the flow chart Ewan used in the presentation?

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    Really really useful session. Thanks Ewan.

    @Josh, Ewan is going to revise the chart and notify via his twitter when complete.


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    Thanks - really useful...

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    Fantastic session - You just got yourself another follower!


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    Anyone got the Flowchart yet?

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    Where can we download the flowchart?

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    Grr. Need that flowchart.

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    really could use that flowchart right now!!!

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    Great video, I'm watching your Twitter page (I don't have an account) for a link to the flow. Thanks.

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    Did anyone manage to get the Flow Chart on the day off the session?

    Even if it’s not the up to date version. I know the 300 odd people that have viewed this video would appreciate it.

    It’s been kind of a letdown to have such a useful session and not be able to put it into practice.



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    Radek Tkaczyk

    I have a copy of that flowchart.

    Just email me and I'll send a copy of it to anyone who is after it:



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