TechEd Backstage: DIY Private Cloud + IP Performance Mythbusters

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PART 1: DIY Private Cloud Ben Parker will take you on a 30 minute tour of the auteched private cloud. Learn how we built out the infrastructure to support several hundred virtual machines with huge on-demand infrastructure deployments which are imaged, run up, used for a one hour presentation and then torn down again. PART 2: Mythbusters: Provisioning the Internets at gigabit speeds and getting what you paid for David Connors will share tales of woe from many events past. As surely as the sun comes up, the IP transit links we provision for these events do not perform as we would like and Connors enjoys at least 2-3 days of yelling at suppliers to get things right before delegates turn up and start their BitTorrent clients. Learn the common myths and creative stories that ISPs use to tell you that X performance is acceptable and why it is not. Get a primer on the performance characteristics of IP in a very easy to understand manner to cover off slow-start phase/congestion avoidance strategies, bandwidth-delay product, and why they exist, etc. Every excuse has a grain of truth and we tell you how to get the facts and get what you're paying for.









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